January 20, 2022

Corporate video production

What is it that separates a good film from a bad film? In fact, it is difficult to put  企業影片製作
your finger on any one item but in the end a good film is one that people will want to watch and a bad film is one that they don’t. A high budget does not necessarily guarantee that a film will be good. In fact, the road of commercial film production history is littered with the corpses of bad work that was filmed on a high budget.

Also, at the same time, there are numerous low budget films that have gone on to be commercial successes and have earned their makers millions. The Blair Witch Project, as well as the Rocky Horror Picture Show are two stellar examples of low budget films that went on to be complete commercial successes at the box office. If it had to be laid out on paper, it would have to be knowledge of the craft and organizational abilities that are the two keys to successful commercial film production. Not possessing either one of these will most surly doom even the most well intentioned efforts to failure.

Beyond that, a reasonable budget, skilled help and quality equipment and complete dedication to the project are the next items in line. As a business venture, commercial film production is a risky proposition at best. Hence; one would be advised to not bet the whole farm on any one individual project until some previous measure of success has been achieved. The best place to begin to learn the craft of commercial film production is of course at a commercial film school but they do cost money to attend. However; if you are operating on a minimal budget, most community colleges offer courses in commercial film production now.

The methods that each individual film producer uses may vary but in the end, for the most part, all commercial films are made by the same three stage process. Inevitably production will be broken up into other sub-stages but in the end everything that is dome will fall into one of three categories.

The first stage of any commercial film production will be the planning stage. It is during this stage that a script is prepared and edited and any research that is required for the film topic takes place. It is important that this stage be completed thoroughly before the film producer advances to the next step of production.

This would be the actual production stage of the commercial film. However; this begins with designing and creating the set according to the budget that is allocated for the film. It is not hard to see that once production begins, the first stage must be completed in its entirety to facilitate the actual problem free production of the film.

Post production is the third and final stage of a commercial film production. This is the stage when the film is edited and any special effects are added. Also, quite often sound work will take place during this third and final stage.

Shooting a commercial film is a risky financial proposition at best, so therefor it is crucial that everything be completely organized properly to produce optimal results. Attempting a commercial film production in any other manner will almost virtually guarantee that the end result is a financial failure.

Who hasn’t heard of the Blair Witch Project? Or maybe you have heard of another movie called The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Or what about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? So, what do all of these wildly successful movies have in common? The simple answer to that question, is that they were all made on a shoe string budget.

There are Tons of Examples

Those three movies are just three examples of highly lucrative movies that were made on the cheap but there are also countless other good low budget movies that aren’t so familiar that have made a profit for their creators and also garnered them recognition and acclaim and at film festivals around the globe.

Think Positive

So, your dream has always been to break into the commercial film production business but one problem is that you live out somewhere in “Stickville Kansas”or “Dirt Town” Wyoming. Another problem is that you just got back from checking your bank account and it is “bone dry”. So, does this mean that you are out of the running?

Get the Equipment then Create a Story Line and Script

No, it just means that you are going to have to be extra creative. If you can get your hands on camera, some lighting and sound equipment then you can make a movie. Step one is to come up with a good story line and script so you have something to get started with.

A Proven Commercial Film Production Formula

Always remember that sex and violence sells. You can do either one separately or mix the two of them together for your own special “chefs blend”. If you and your buds have girlfriends then you have “talent” for your movie. Maybe there is an old abandoned house out in the country where you live, where you can film your own horror film. Just remember to make sure that everyone is over 18 and has signed a release.

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