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Saturday October 31, 2020 |

Sure, the idea of wearing socks with heels isn’t exactly news, but the look has started taking a decidedly high-fashion twist of late, and some very stylish folks are catching on. Ralph Lauren sent models down the runway in high-heeled sandals and scrunched-up socks, street-style stars have pairing socks with designer pumps, and shoe icon Manolo Blahnik is even getting in on the look, designer socks teaming up with hosier Falke to create a collection of seriously charming socks.

What we love about Natasock: The designs, and the feel of the socks. Naturally, we’re drawn to the bright, fluorescent ‘pops’ of color tastefully sprinkled into the more neutral ground color selection. Knit with a combed cotton blend, the socks are soft to the touch, so you can be both comfortable and stylish during wear. (At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all really want?).

What’s in a Name: Natasock as a brand name, is quite clever. On its packaging, you’ll find a catchphrase accompanying it – something like, “It’s Not a Sock, It’s a Statement,” or “It’s Not a Sock, It’s a Present.” It adds an element of insight into the brand ‘flavor,’ as well as a bit of fun for the consumer.

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