January 20, 2022


You play Jokers Wild with a 53-card deck, the regular 52-card deck, plus a joker. The joker is a wild card, which you can joker123t use as any card you want. This increases the chance of getting a winning combination. On average, the joker appears in about one out of every ten hands, making Jokers wild an exciting game to play. Keep in Mind the Following Points: Play the Better Game – There are two versions of the Joker Wild game. One version returns your bet on a two-pair hand. The Jokers Wild strategy presented below is for the other (better) game that gives back your money if you HAVE a pair of kings or aces. Always Play Maximum Coins Per Game – As the payout for five coins played is far greater than five times the payout for only one coin. Play at Machines that Offer a Full Pay Schedule – The full house pay schedule for jokers wild will be a 7 / 5 machine i.e. 7 Coins for full house and 5 for the flush. Kings or Better Joker Wild Strategy If the Hand you’re Dealt Contains the Joker: Keep all hands that are three-of-a-kind or higher, except hold four cards to the royal flush, even if it means discarding a paying hand of lower value. Always remember that you are looking to hold the joker as a part of ANY combination. Keep any four-card straight flush and a four-card flush if it includes K, A or both. Keep three cards to a royal flush. Keep a paying pair of high cards (King, Ace). Keep any three cards to a straight flush. Keep any four-card flush without King or Ace. Keep consecutive four-card straights. If not dealt any of the above, keep the Joker only. If you’re dealt a Hand without the Joker: Keep all paying hands, except hold a four-card royal flush. Keep any four cards to a straight flush and any three cards to a royal flush. Keep four cards to any flush. Keep any pair of 2’s to Queens. Keep any three cards to a straight flush. Keep any four-card consecutive straight. Keep two cards to a royal flush if one of the cards is an Ace or King. Keep unsuited King and Ace. Keep King or Ace alone. Keep two suited royal flush cards lower than King or Ace. If you don’t hold any of the above, draw five new cards. Jokers Wild a Fun & Exciting Game Jokers Wild is a fun and exciting game and is very popular – second only to Jacks-or-Better and Deuces Wild. By playing with the above strategy, you will not only have fun but increase your chances of success as well. Heath Ledger’s Joker from the latest Batman film, the Dark Knight, was one of the biggest highlights of the film. This version of the Joker with his menacing laugh,sadistic nature and trademark look – all of which brought us one of the most evil villains in many years. Batman the Dark Knight Joker is a perfect character to play for this year’s Halloween and dressed in your Batman Dark Knight The Joker Grand Heritage Collection you will look like the real thing. The Joker is one of the most popular costumes to wear this year, so will be important to make sure you sort your costume out early. There is no doubt that buying your costume online is the easiest way to go, there are a couple of versions of the grand Heritage collection Joker costume available so you will want to make sure you follow our recommendations to get the best quality. The Best Joker Costume Available The realism of the Joker grand Heritage collection costume really has to be seen to be believed, it is by far the best and most film realistic joker costume I have seen so far. If you truly want to play Heath Ledger’s Joker from the Dark Knight and capture that evil menacing presence, then this costume will really do the trick. I have tried it and tested it out already and can tell you it is worth every single penny. The grand Heritage collection includes the colorful joker outfits with trademark long purple coat, trousers, shirt, tie and the waistcoat. You will really feel like you’ve just walked off the film-set in this grand Heritage costume. The Most Important Accessory – The Jokers Mask When you dress as the Joker you will most definitely also need the Joker mask to complete the look. That’s one of the reasons that I chose to buy the Joker Grand Heritage Collection specifically, since it comes with the best mask I found on any costume. Not only does it provide a ready-made mask but it comes with some makeup to perfect the look exactly how you want it – complete with scars! But the best part about it is that it also features attached hair that completely matches Heath Ledger’s disheveled look as the Joker. Customize Your Makeup Here is one of the really good parts with the grand Heritage collection joker costume, and that is the makeup that it comes with. This is a really important element to achieve a realistic Dark Knight Joker look and makes it very easy for anyone to achieve a great looking Joker. The makeup kit consists of the white cream which works extremely well to get that same look that Heath Leger has in the film, the red makeup stick for your lips, and the mouth scars which includes facial adhesive to finish the job properly. More Great Costume Tips The Batman Dark Knight The Joker Grand Heritage Collection came with everything that I wanted to create a great Joker outfit. I ended up getting mine in medium, but of course you can also get it in large or extra large. The thing I really liked about this costume was the ability to individualize with the make-up effects. One thing that would really complete the whole theme for a Batman Halloween would be to get a relative or friend to dress up as Batman and even Robin as well. The grand Heritage costume was specifically designed to imitate Heath Ledges Joker as closely as possible and it does to an amazing job. There is no doubt with the massive success of the Batman Dark Knight film that this theme is going to be the most popular this year so make sure you get in early to get yours.  

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