January 21, 2022

Mother Earth News

Mother earth news is not so encouraging. Mother earth has undergone tremendous plundering in the hands of human beings. Humanity has profoundly affected News from Wales the natural course of existence by unabashed self-oriented consumption of the natural resources at the expense of the other species and manifestations of nature.

Mother earth news: The imbalance

There is a great imbalance created in the nature with only human beings growing exponentially as a pest and parasite. Where ever you look around you will find structures created by humanity for its self-interest. Where is raw nature today? You can’t find any of it.

We are moving towards a total devastation and annihilation of the world. We are sucking away the natural resources of the world at an alarming rate without creating anything new. We have been the reason for the pollution of the air, the land and the sea. We have destroyed natural habitats and we are responsible for the extinction of many species in the world.
Mother earth news: The plundering

We have destroyed most of the vegetation and forest cover across the world. We have plundered the forests for its plant resources and animal resources. We have cut trees for wood and hunted down animals for meat, hide and the bones. The biggest cat on earth the tiger is on the verge of extinction as it is hunted for its bones and hide. It is so sad to note that this majestic beast is killed for its bones which are used for the preparation of the so called traditional medicines claiming to increase the devilish masculinity of human beings. We have cleaned the vegetation of the forest for organized farming. We have destroyed the biodiversity of the world in every way that is possible.

We have over fished in the seas, rivers and oceans and plundered the water based resources to such an extent that many species of fish have vanished from the surface of earth. We have affected the natural fauna and flora of the oceans in a big way by over hunting, mining and waste dumping. We have hunted down great species of the sea like wale for its flesh.

We have pumped out the natural fossil resources from the core of the earth for generation of energy and have fought destructive wars for control of these natural resources. These fossil based energy sources have been the biggest pollutants of the air and have contributed significantly in global warming.

Mother earth news: Pollution and global warming

We have polluted the land, the air and the sea with toxic gases, chemicals and biological agents. We have given rise to new diseases like cancer. We are responsible for the dramatic changes seen in the nature with global warming and climate change affecting the entire world.

The problem is that we are just going on and on consuming everything that is available in front of us like a pest or a parasite. We have destroyed and destroying things which we cannot ever think of creating ourselves. We have either consumed or destroyed completely the wonderful creations of nature for our own self interest. This is mother earth news.

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