October 19, 2021

TV’s Top 10 Geeks (That We Owe Big Time)

Spanning at least six decades now Television has broadcast some exquisite geeks into our living rooms. But who are the real standard bearers? Who has left their mark Kaylee and K’mya in a way that will inform future geeks for generations?

Well, I decided to come up with a list of some worthy candidates.

In the name of keeping things interesting and fair, I was at first inclined to rule out any character playing the title role of their TV show. Unfortunately that cut a few too many heavyweights. So how about this: we’ll only disqualify characters from shows specifically about geeks. Apologies to fans of Torchwood, Spaced, and Big Bang Theory, your crews are left out in the cold.

So here we go in no particular order:

10. Grizzly Adams

This guy roamed the Smokie Mountains helping people aided by a 900 lb. Grizzly Bear and a hipster-skewering beard that allowed him to see the future. Game over, end of story.

9. Wile E. Coyote

That he’s a gourmand, linguist, gadget hound, and mail-ordering mastermind puts him squarely in the center of Geek City. That he persisted in his struggle despite never catching a single break should make him the Mayor.

8. Commander Spock

In five hundred years time the iconic image of Cmdr. Spock will still communicate the same thing it does today: advanced intelligence trumps anything else both in and out of this world.

7. Walt White (aka Heisenberg)

This one is apparently only half true as Mr. White developed a severely split personality by the end of the first season of Breaking Bad. Still, High School Chemistry Teacher Mr. White more than delivers a monumental geek profile even if he only shows up half the time.

6. Phineas J. Whoopee

Armed with his Three-Dimensional Blackboard (or 3DBB if you’re hip), Mr. Whoopee dropped book knowledge in an off-hand way that was not only fun but always managed to save the day. Where would Tennessee Tuxedo (or us for that matter) be without him?

5. Pee-Wee Herman

The guy single-handedly created the retro chic movement. He was undeniably the first to make the 80′s cool. He broke Saturday morning taboos with the giggle and wink of a 4-year old trapped in a man’s body. Geek genius incarnate.

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